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zephyr elise


Zephyr Elise (z⎮they pronouns) is a mixed-Indigenous [Hñähñu, P'urhépecha, Wixáritari, Be'ena' Za'a, Euskal] Two-Spirit, artist, documentary filmmaker, direct action activist, & community organizer. Guest residing on Squax'in Island traditional territories (Shelton, WA, USA). Proud graduate of The Evergreen State College ('12). Formerly they were Co-Organizer of Idle No More- Two-Spirits on Ohlone Lands (Bay Area, Ca); Camp Lead of Wiŋyan Camp at Oceti Ŝakowiŋ (Standing Rock); Lead Production Assistant “FIRE & FLOOD: Queer Resilience In The Era Of Climate Change”; and Regeneration Maven for Neighbors For Julianne Gale; former CEO/ Board President of Mason County Climate Justice (WA). Currently a Lorax Coalition member, regenerative farming/ zero waste consulatant, plant & soil whisperer, and occasional gluten free/ vegan baker. This is their first feature film to be released.



We are a diverse group aging from 17-70-something. Some of us are queer others two-spirits; some are Indigenous to here, others are settlers learning to grow roots. We are youth and elders; activists and community leaders; educators and students; culture keepers and a medical heath professional. All are concerned community members here in Mason County, WA USA speaking for our beloved forests.

Speakers (In Order of Appearance)
joseph “lil bear” hermann
alonzo delacruz
winona plant
antoinette longshore
jessica randall
joshua wright
didi pershouse
michael “firefly”siptroth
heidi mccutcheon
dan griffey
josey paul
tim sheldon
kimberly miller
zephyr elise



Annelise Euler

James John Bell

J Cookson

Jonathan Greviskis

Joshua Wright

Stacie Gilkeson

Julianne Gale


Original Concept Film/ Cinematography/ Photography/

Map Animation/

Sound Recording/

Audio & Video Editing


Sound Recording

Aerial Cinematrography

Aerial Cinematrography/


Map Animation

Costume Design

Interviews/ Continuity

Live Q&A

Watch the film followed by
a virtual livestream Q&A with filmmaker zephyr elise. Special appearances by other featured speakers TBA.

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