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The Artists

Who Speak for the Forests

Zephyr Elise

Asset Artist/ 2D Compositor/ 35mm & Digital Stop Motion Animator

Concept/Process | experimental artist |eco-friendly/reuse/zero waste practice, sassy ♐️

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Shelton, WA USA

by Liz G Byrum

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 19-37-28 Mel (_whyshrimp) • Instagram photos and videos.png

By Artist

Melanie Ramierez

Digital Asset Artist

Amazing in multiple media. Teacher, designer & superb Sagittarius

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William Wallace III

Upcycled Media Artist/ Stop Motion Animator

Painter, creative being in most media &

luminous Leo

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Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 18-41-56 William Wallace III (_jhbo_o_o) • Instagram photos and v

By Artist

ryan pic.jpg

By Artist

Ryan Buck


Amazing graphite/ other media artist, cartoonist, & profound Pisces

Olympia, WA, USA

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Liz G Byrum

Asset Artist

Was an incredible artist in all media, singer/musican, epic Aries.

Rest in Power

 April 1983

March 2010

liz self cartoon red and silver sharpie ink portrait

By  Artist

Star peterson cartoon.png

By Artist

Star Peterson

Whiteboard Illustrator

LGBTQIA+ diversity trainer, animator, nerdy neurodivergent

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Lily Innova

Picture Animator

Two artists bringing pictures to life for this talented studio!

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Bonnie Scout

Asset Artist/ 3D Compositor

Last minute compiler of all the bits and pieces of Zephyr's water story storyboard into a full version animation!

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alexandra "ahlay" blakely

Musical Artist

Alexandra (she/her) is an Ashkenazi, Scandinavian singer-songwriter, grief tender, community organizer and ceramicist walking the path of ancestral healing and the reclaiming of lost cultural memories. She unearths the power in song, that similar to prayer, can propel the solidification of realities. She writes for the community to transform, ask questions, and seek to lead lives that would make us ancestors worth honoring.


She lives between Duwamish Territory (Seattle, WA), Serrano territory (high Californian desert) and Tenochtitlán (Mexico City) and dedicates her life in service to holistic healing. Her movement pulses with an animist worldview that supports to alchemize and shift embodied and inherited systems of oppression towards life affirming ones. Listen to the music.


Her musical journey began in Mexico in 2005 where she collaborated with many up and coming artists, sang backup for a touring pop star and headed 3 different bands. In 2017 she returned to the states where she was inspired to find ways to amalgamate music and activism and utilize music as a tool for breaking cycles of inter-generational trauma. She discovered community singing through a dream where she awoke remembering the circle, the closeness, the humming and the swaying. It was then through Eyes on the Prize that she was catalyzed to infuse the streets with people singing. She founded The People’s Echo in 2019, a collective of song folk empowering others to use their voice and join together in the streets for collective liberation. Now she is traveling from community to community in song ceremony. Invite her to yours.

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