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An inter-generational conversation (ages 16-70's) with local Skokomish tribal members and other community members of Mason County, WA. We speak of our forests' importance- culturally, environmentally, and beyond. Urgently we must  act to preserve the last of our remaining healthy legacy forest ecosystem here in the Pacific Northwest to mitigate climate chaos and ensure an abundant, livable world for all.


Speakers include Indigenous youth, educators, a health care professional, a journalist, Indigenous cultural keepers, and front line activists. This grassroots local struggle against the effects of clear cut logging is a story with impacts across borders and around the world. Learn how you can join this movement to save our vital ecosystem!

Our beloved planet is at a crucial existential crossroads. We have an atmospheric carbon crisis that is dangerously driving the effects of global climate change- floods, fires, landslides, atmospheric rivers, droughts, etc. Our best strategy for drawing down that excess carbon back into the earth while revitalizing the soil in the process has been doing just that for thousands of years in the Pacific Northwest. Our biodiverse, complex, temperate mixed evergreen and deciduous forests here with abundant species of old trees. But these very important legacy forests are currently under severe attack of clear cutting. We don't have time to waste. Now it must be all of us together in Mason County and around the world planning and planting seeds, dreaming then growing regenerative futures, and guarding these young older growth forests into our first regenerated Ancient growth forests for the common good of the whole planet and the seven generations to come!


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