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We Speak for the Forests
Zephyr Elise

We Speak for the Forests

We Speak for the Forests

Documentary   |  1h 2 min  |  2022  |  2kHD

This inter-generational conversation (ages 16-70's) with local Skokomish tribal members and other more-recently arrived community in Mason County, WA speaks to the forests' longstanding importance- culturally, environmentally, and beyond. There is an immediate urgency in preserving the last of our remaining intact healthy forest ecosystem here in the Pacific Northwest for a healthy climate and abundant world for all. Speakers include youth, educators, health care professionals, journalist, cultural keepers, and activists. This local struggle against the effects of clear cut logging is a story that resonates across borders and around the world. Join us in learning how to help protect and restore our vital ecosystem.

Directed by: zephyr elise

Starring: Lil Bear Joseph Hermann

Alonzo Delacruz

Winona Plant

Chris James

Joshua Wright

Jessica Randall

Firefly Michael Siptroth

Josey Paul

Kimberly Miller

Antoinette Longshore

zephyr elise

Audio language: English   
Subtitles language: English/ Española/ Francais

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